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Lark Camp!

from Friday, July 26, 2024
to Saturday, August 3, 2024

Join me in the beautiful redwood forest of the Mendocino Woodlands for a week of music making, music learning, dancing and more dancing, great food and fun!  Instructors and schedule will be posting soon here!

Noctambule at Berkeley Hillside Club
29 February 2024
House Concert with Liz Knowles & Eamon O'Leary, Berkeley CA
6 April 2024
House Concert with Liz Knowles & Eamon O'Leary, Healdsburg, CA
7 April 2024
House Concert with Liz Knowles & Eamon O'Leary, Mountain View CA
10 April 2024
Walker Creek Music Camp
from 11 Apr 2024
to 14 Apr 2024
Noctambule at SF Festival of the Mandolin
21 April 2024
Women Songwriter's Showcase
28 April 2024
Lark in Ennis, County Clare, Ireland
from 19 May 2024
to 24 May 2024
Lark Camp!
from 26 Jul 2024
to 3 Aug 2024
Puget Sound Guitar Wokshop, Week 4
from 17 Aug 2024
to 23 Aug 2024
Portal Irish Music Week
from 18 Sep 2024
to 24 Sep 2024
Southwest Mandolin Camp, Kingston NM
from 24 Oct 2024
to 27 Oct 2024

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