Noctambule Concert at CedarHouse Barn Concerts, Alpine, OR

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Thrilled to return to this lovely community, hosted by our dear friends Lisa Lynne and Aryeh Frankfurter!

Info and Reservations here

Noctambule at The Celtic Junction, St. Paul MN
2 June 2023
Noctambule at the Northfield Mandolin Workshop, Marshall, MI
4 June 2023
Noctambule Concert at The Greenwood Center, Ann Arbor, MI
5 June 2023
Minnesota Irish Music Weekend, St. Paul MN
from 8 Jun 2023
to 11 Jun 2023
Bloomsday at The Hammer, Los Angeles CA
16 June 2023
Noctambule at Cage Free Concerts, Ashland, OR
5 July 2023
Noctambule Concert at CedarHouse Barn Concerts, Alpine, OR
6 July 2023
Lark Camp! Mendocino CA
from 28 Jul 2023
to 5 Aug 2023
Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, Port Orchard WA
from 5 Aug 2023
to 11 Aug 2023
Portal Irish Music Week, Kingston NM
from 21 Sep 2023
to 25 Sep 2023
Southwest Mandolin Camp, Kingston NM
from 26 Oct 2023
to 29 Oct 2023

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