Fiddle Hell Online

from Thursday, April 13, 2023
to Sunday, April 16, 2023

Thrilled to be invited back to teach at the next Fiddle Hell Online! This massive online event lets participants gorge on acoustic music of many genres and many sorts of stringed instruments as well as singing.  Their program literally includes 180 workshops, 35 concerts, 35 jams - with the recorded content remaining available for 4 months following the event.  Details posted here soon.

Virtual Lark
from 3 Feb 2023
to 5 Feb 2023
Irish Music Plectrum Instruments Workshop, Berkeley, CA
11 February 2023
The Lost Church, Santa Rosa, CA
24 February 2023
Casements Bar, San Francisco
26 February 2023
Fiddle Hell Online
from 13 Apr 2023
to 16 Apr 2023

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